Frequent questions

What elements do you need to receive a tailor-made offer?

In order to provide you with a detailed and customised offer, it is important that you send us a 2D or 3D drawing of the article to be produced and specify the type of mould, the press used and its dimensions, the required material and/or any treatments or markings and finally the number of cavities.

Are you a certified company?

Yes, we are certified according to European standards ISO 9001:2015.  You can download the certificate on our website under "Quality".

How does a design start?

A design is the result of a dialogue between our technicians and your ideas and/or needs, during which the technical requirements and problems that may arise during the moulding process are highlighted. This comparison allows us not only to prevent any criticalities that you may encounter during production, but above all to provide you with moulds suitable for all your needs.

What is your average delivery time?

Usually, the delivery time for moulds for medium/simple parts is four weeks from the order date; the more difficult the part, the longer the delivery time, up to a maximum of twelve weeks for very complex articles. Of course, the delivery time also depends on the workload of the technical department and any design changes requested by the customer.

What are the maximum dimensions of your moulds?

Our milling machines have working fields up to 1700x750 mm for rectangular moulds, while for square moulds the maximum dimensions are 800x800 mm.

Is it possible to test the mould before delivery?

Yes, in collaboration with our partners we do a first moulding trial in order to test the mould and verify its correct working. Moreover, if required, we can also do a first sampling of the article using the customer's compound. This service allows us not only to check the performance of the mould, but also to optimise normal sampling times.

Do you produce moulds for plastic articles?

We are specialised in the production of moulds for technical articles in different types of elastomers and hard silicone, although since 2014, thanks to close cooperation with our customers, we have introduced the production of moulds for plastic and thermoplastic (TPE). We currently produce 95% of the moulds for rubber articles and 5% for plastic and thermoplastic articles.

Do you produce moulds for LSR articles?

We currently do not produce any moulds for LSR articles, we are specialised in the production of moulds for technical articles in different types of elastomers and hard silicone.

Do you only work in Italy?

Over the years, our market has grown beyond regional and national borders, and we currently sell 50% for the Italian market and 50% for the foreign market.

Can we visit ALFA STAMPI?

We always welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our technical and production abilities to our customers and potential customers, showing them our company and the progress of their projects.